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Neurological Chiropractic

At Beyond Bones Chiropractic, we specialize in neurologically based chiropractic care. Your nervous system controls every other system in your body, and is crucial in keeping you healthy. Learn more Here.

About the Tech

In our office, we use three incredible technologies originally developed by NASA to objectively measure how you are functioning. Learn more about Digital Thermography, Surface EMG and Heart Rate Variability Here.

About Digital Xray

At Beyond Bones Chiropractic, there are two things we are not willing to risk: Your health and Our reputation. That’s why we invested in Digital X-ray, the newest and best x-ray available. Learn more Here.

About Kids and Pregnancy

We love to see pregnant moms for that number one complaint of lower back pain. We also love checking newborns and toddlers to make sure their nervous system is optimized. Learn more Here.

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