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Beyond Bones Chiropractic is bringing a new breed of chiropractic to serve the community of Coeur d’Alene. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the United States spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world; an estimated $3.8 TRILLION annually. Yet, the U.S. ranks 37th – yes, 37th – in the world for overall health, just ahead of Slovenia at 38th. Something is drastically wrong with that picture. At Beyond Bones, we believe it is a problem with how we define “health”. In America we have been led to believe that health is something that comes from the outside, via a pill you take, but the heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases that ravage our country are not due to a deficiency of Crestor or chemotherapy. Instead, they are diseases that result when something gets in the way of our body’s own incredible ability to heal and regulate itself. That’s right, true health comes from within and believe it or not, the human body was designed to be healthy all on its own. Your brain and spinal cord, as well as all the smaller nerves, coordinate and control every single cell, tissue, organ and process in your body. This makes the nervous system absolutely key in keeping you healthy. That’s why in our office we focus entirely on helping your nervous system work as well as possible – to help YOU be as well as possible!