Established 2016

The Beyond Bones Team

North Idaho’s most trusted chiropractic clinic

Watch as Dr. Bones walks you through exactly what it’s like to be adjusted here. Have questions about the process? Call us. We’re always happy to jump on the phone and talk!


Clinic Director  |  Owner

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dr. Ryan Bones!

First off, we know what you’re thinking and yes – it is his real name. No, he didn’t change it – and no he didn’t become a chiropractor BECAUSE of it! A South Dakota farm boy born and raised, Dr. Bones decided as a kid he wanted to heal the world without drugs or surgery – so after getting his Biological Sciences degree at Nebraska he went to Dallas, TX to become a chiropractor.

While he’s phenomenal with the routine back pain, neck pain, and headaches, Dr. Bones has a particular passion for “mystery” cases involving chronic unresolved issues of the entire body. Unexplained digestive issues? Weird foot numbness? He’s your guy. Doctors telling you “nothing is wrong” with you, but you know better? He’ll help you figure it out. Never missing an opportunity to inspire or make you smile, Dr. Bones is the guy to heal your spine and soul.

If you don’t catch him in the office, you will likely find him on the gun range, driving range or in the mountains. Known as “The Tactical Doc” on social media, Dr. Bones competes both locally and nationally in shooting matches and is the best bogey golfer you’ll ever meet.


COO  |  Owner

The “Get Your Shit Together Gal”

She’s married to the Tactical Doc and runs 5 of her own companies in addition to running strategy and operations around here!

You’ll probably see her running in and out of the office between client calls, meetings, painting projects, and cooking, but she’s never too busy to chat with you about your awesome chiropractic stories, your dog, or the best meal you’ve eaten.


Stretch Therapist

An Idaho native and lifelong artist who has been tattooing in the area for over a decade. In addition to adorning bodies, you will find him in the office on Tuesdays! While here, there’s no shortage of jokes, talk of biomechanics, and letting people know easy ways to optimize your body and mind. He’d love to tell you how to ditch your current footwear for something better for your health!

Out of the office he stays busy with art of all kinds, walking his massive dog, collaborating with other wizards, and holding space for anyone who needs it.


Practice Manager

Your favorite first friendly face you see in the office!

Married with two children (her dogs, Nala and Mose) has lived in beautiful Coeur d’ Alene her whole life and wouldn’t trade the sunsets, mountains and fresh air for anything, except for maybe a good cup of iced coffee. She is a food connoisseur, loves traveling, and loves to serve and help others!


Director of Furniture Comfort

Everyone’s favorite chocolate lab, and the real reason people love Beyond Bones so much…

Kila was born and raised in Coeur d’Alene and rescued from a life of hunting by her parents, Dr. Ryan (who loves to hunt and would have been thrilled if she did hunt with him) and Cassidy (doesn’t love to hunt but does love having a boujee dog to snuggle and spoil). She spends most of her days sunbathing in her favorite office chair with her head rested on a pillow or swimming at the dog park and making friends!

On the weekends you can find her sunbathing on the back deck or lying next to the heater in the winter, or carrying around her food bowl trying to hoodwink someone into feeding her an extra meal.

She loves long walks on the trail, sunny days, and snoozing on her dad’s bed pillow and will always say yes to grain free treats and no-hides.


Director of Patient Happiness

The newest addition to the team! Meet Carl. He’s every bit the lovable oaf you’d expect from a yellow lab puppy. His big sister Kila is still teaching him the ropes of what it means to be an office pup, but he’s a very fast learner!

Carl has two modes: all-out play or completely passed out. When he’s in play mode, he is still a bit jumpy and loves to mouth on anything he can get those little puppy teeth on, but still absolutely loves pets and belly rubs!

We know with a little bit of time under his belt Carl is going to be a fantastic lieutenant shop dog under the watchful eye of his big sister, and we’re so so glad he’s a part of the team!