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At Beyond Bones Chiropractic, we look at your health differently.

As a neurologically based clinic, we use the most advanced technology in the industry to find the true cause of your health problems and correct them at the source. This allows your body to heal the way it was designed to, naturally, from the inside-out.

Take a look at how we are revolutionizing your chiropractic experience.

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Neurological Chiropractic

At Beyond Bones Chiropractic, we specialize in neurologically based chiropractic care. No twisting or cracking, just gentle, specific chiropractic care.

About the Tech

In our office, we use three incredible technologies, developed by NASA, to objectively measure how you are functioning.

About Digital Xray

At Beyond Bones Chiropractic, there are two things we are not willing to risk: Your health and Our reputation. That’s why we invested in Digital X-Ray.

About Kids and Pregnancy

We love to see pregnant moms for that number one complaint of low back pain. We also love checking newborns and toddlers to make sure their nervous system is optimized.

Our Recent Blog Posts

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Chiropractic Care for Children; Why it’s Important

The spinal chord’s importance in the nervous system is second to only the brain. Proper spinal chord alignment is even more vital for the health of the children. Spinal chord dysfunctions may come up during early development, sometimes due to the irregular positioning...

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Chiropractic Tips For Fall Season

Fall is the best time of the year for lots of people. It is still warm and this season is filled with lots of festivities and beauty. Yellow, orange and red colors are prevalent on the trees. It’s time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, with Christmas just around the...

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Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy

If you are looking to maintain a healthy pregnancy and relieve back pain you should definitely consider chiropractic care. Over the years women have been suffering from lower back pain during pregnancy. As a result, different kinds of treatments have been administered...

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Thorough, caring, patient and brilliant. This health care pro will make a huge difference in your wellness!

Richard B.

He’s great!! Dr. Bones and his employees really care about you and your health

Shirley G.

Energetic! Passionate! Scientific! Dr. Bones gets to the root cause of his patient’s problems, and leads them to be the best version of them! Would recommend my mother to this guy!

Grant D.

If I had to find a single word that describes Dr. Bones best it would be “excellent”. He is professional and caring. I’m grateful for the entire Beyond Bones Chiropractic team.

Cameron G.

Dr. Bones is a great guy and an awesome chiropractor. Coeur d’Alene is in good hands!

Michael B.

You are in the best of hands with Dr. Bones. He is a compassionate and very knowledgeable doctor who will go above and beyond for his patients.

Jennifer C.

Dr. Bones consistently demonstrates the knowledge and expertise that I have always demanded when it comes to my health. He showed me what real health is and I am now reaping the benefits!!

Kyle K.

Dr. Bones is a passionate man who has his patients best interest at heart. He will work to help you better understand your problems and how he can help you on the road to recovery.

Joey K.

Dr. Bones is someone that will go above and beyond to provide the best care in his office, while also spending time to connect with each person that enters his practice. Northern Idaho is going to love their newest resident and what he brings to the community.

Matt J.

I had chronic neck pain as well as tight hip flexors and abductors. You know what helped? Ryan’s stellar techniques and coaching! My flexibility has improved beyond my expectations and definitely don’t have neck pain any longer! Great experience.

Mark H.

Dr. Bones is the best chiropractor you could ever ask for. My life has changed since he gave me that first adjustment. I have come to him with weird types of complaints and he always manages to figure out the cause of my problem. He is a connoisseurship of not only the spine but of health in general. After every adjustment I feel in ease and I love it. Also, he is such a great human being full of positive energy. So..Primary care doctor? That’s Doctor Bones!

Elsie M.

Dr. Bones is an excellent adjustor; but what really sets him apart is how well he treats his patients. You will not be disappointed if you choose him to be your chiropractor!

Daniel M.

Great team, great doc and phenomenal results. A must for the entire family.

Michael V.

One of the most sincere, passionate and personable chiropractors you’ll ever meet

Benaiah E.

Chiropractor Coeur d’Alene

Beyond Bones Chiropractic is bringing a new breed of chiropractic to serve the community of Coeur d’Alene. We specialize in optimizing your nervous system through specific, neurologically based chiropractic care. Your brain and spinal cord, as well as all the smaller nerves, coordinate and control